Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Guess who's back!

My apologizes for the two months long hiatus. So much has happened since my last post.

To give a quick update, my last post was during the week of birthday celebrations with family and friends. A few days after my annual celebration, I left to embark on a three week long backpacking trip to Europe with my best friend. I came back in the middle of June and used the following week to fall back into my usual routine. As I was starting to resume back to the daily life that I was used to prior to my vacation, the southern part of my province (and city) was devasted by a horrific flood that affected manys. This had caused a week of chaos and the entire downtown to be evacuated for the following week. As repairs and maintence went underway to fix this natural disaster, the city began to see light again in a short matter of time under the leadership of our beloved Mayor Nenshi. Stampede arrived without a warning and ten days of fried junk food and intoxication transformed my unknown western home into a bustling new-born city that foreigners have come to know and love as "The Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth".

Finally, everything seems to have settled down a bit and I am back to studying. Hello books and hello again blog. A few of my friends have asked if I was going to blog about my trip, but I'm still undecided as my intention for this blog was for food-only posts. And also because there seems to be too much I'd want to write about (oh hello laziness). While I'm still deciding, I hope to have a new blog post up shortly though!

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