Saturday, October 11, 2014

Wow Chicken

Of all the places I've ate at (and not posted) for the past year, Wow Chicken is one of the places that I really wanted to do a returning blog post on. Korean Fried Chicken (KFC 2.0 in my terms) has been on the rise in terms of popularity in Calgary for the past couple of years. New shops are opening left and right, from the first Korean fried chicken shop Olive Chicken to the third franchised Yum Yum BBQ Chicken that is yet to be open.

Wow Chicken is a dainty shop in Kensington neighbourhood that resembles the Korean Cafes typically seen in K-dramas.

On the side of the room not captured in the camera is a hung up television that plays Korean pop and ballad music videos throughout your stay.

 Full order of the Shallot Chicken (Original crispy chicken marinated in sliced green onions and WOW Chicken's special spicy mustard sauce)

Half order of the spicy fried chicken

Half order of the soy garlic fried chicken

Of the three different flavours, I preferred the Shallot Chicken the best. The special spicy mustard sauce was hinted at slightly enough to make the perfect taste while still keeping the chicken crispy, and the generously portioned shallots complimented the fried chicken very well. 

I have only tried Olive Chicken before Wow Chicken, and as that was quite a long time ago, I must admit that I don't remember how well I liked that place so it isn't fair for me to compare the two Korean fried chicken shops. What I really like about Wow Chicken in comparison to your largely franchised fried chicken fast food shops is that I did not feel like my pores were seeping out grease and oil post meal.

Not convinced yet? Wow Chicken provides FINGER GLOVES! Not regular gloves that fits your entire hand, but FINGER GLOVES that is made to cover your index finger and thumb only! (lol no, I am not sponsored)

I was rather excited to see this! What a neat and convenient invention!

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