Wednesday, December 3, 2014

DaDeO New Orleans Diner and Bar

Do not be scared off by the "No minors allowed" sign found on their entrance door (my friend told me she wasn't sure what this place was when she walked by on a previous visit, so she strayed away).

I love the decor of this diner. It has so much character and personality.

Mini jukebox found at each booth

DaDeO has a variety of Po'Boys. We went on a Monday, so $10 Po'Boys for us! Whoo-hoo!

Complimentary biscuits, accompanied by DaDeO's homemade jalapeƱo jelly

Fried Tiger Shrimp Po'Boy (with herb mayo, lettuce and tomato)

Pulled Pork Po'Boy (Slow-cooked in BBQ sauce with Dijon mayo and lettuce)

I, of course, ordered the Fried Oysters Po'Boy (with herb mayo, lettuce and tomato). First of all, the oysters were really big! So big that my order only really needed two oysters to fill up the entire sandwich. The oysters were breaded so nicely - perfect crispiness without the unwanted grease and full of flavour. The simplicity of the lettuce, tomato and mayo really complimented the perfectly fried oysters. Along with my Po'boy, I opted to substitute my side with their sweet potato fries instead for an additional $1. It was clear that I made the right choice when my dining companions immediately regretted ordering the potato hash after having their first bite. The sweet potato fries had a excellent seasoning to it and the thickness of the fries did not give that mushy taste that thick-cut fries are generally associated with. Unfortunately, the only disappointment of this dish was the coleslaw. It wasn't chilled and refreshing as it should have been. I would suggest you to save your stomach space by avoiding the coleslaw.

And now to end off this post with a view of the front of the restaurant (That lighting doe...)

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