Thursday, December 25, 2014

Pepper Lunch

And thus, this post marks the beginning of the blogging that is to come of all the meals I enjoyed and want to share with you all in San Francisco and its neighbouring cities ^_^.

We arrived at San Jose Airport right at lunch time. Our first itinerary activity was to go outlet shopping at the Gilroy Premium Outlet, so I made sure to plan a quick lunch somewhere near the airport to save time, and also to prevent us from wasting a good meal opportunity (since it is a known fact that the food court at Premium Outlets are never good).

Pepper Lunch is a known Japanese fast food restaurant that is found vastly throughout Asia. I've heard about it many times but never had the chance to try it out, so I knew I had to check this place out with such a perfect opportunity!

Some of the things that I love to have knowledge on in regards to the restaurants that I plan to visit when I'm on vacation is the exterior appearance of the restaurant and its surrounding vicinity. This helps make finding it so much easier, especially when you're in a foreign place to begin with. For our first meal, Pepper Lunch is found in a large strip mall with mainly Asian restaurants, stores and services

Small and simple interior

Complimentary miso soup that came with a few noodle strands

Original Sizzling Plate: Beef and Udon with Curry Powder, added a Fried Egg for $0.75 (you always add an egg, no questions asked)

I am a huge noodles fan to begin with - any types of noodles: vermicelli, rice noodles, mung bean sheets, lai fun, ramen, you name it. So udon was no exception to this. This dish is very simple with only a few basic ingredients, yet the combination is just so satisfying and delicious. 

Bento Box: Eel on Rice, Salad, 2 pc Gyoza, 1 pc Cold Tofu

Service is what you would expect at a fast food restaurant, nothing to praise but also nothing to complain about it. Overall I would recommend this place if you are looking for a quick meal that hits the spot - in and out in approx. 40 mins. Now if only there was a Pepper Lunch in my home town.

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