Monday, January 12, 2015

The Boiling Crab

The long awaited visit is finally blogged about!

I've been dying to trying Boiling Crab ever since I heard about it. Seafood, getting down and dirty with your hands, and a bib! What's not to love??! I can now say I crossed one off my bucket list. That may sound exaggerated for those who lives in the states, or bigger cities for that matter of fact, but you have to understand that I was born and raised in a city where seafood is an imported good. I live in a city where it is land all around, and bodies of water is nonexistent. So, please, will you allow me to relive my happiness thru this post with you?

We arrived at 8:45pm on a Friday night and it was a packed house. We were told it would be an approximate 45 minutes wait (closing time was 10pm). I was well prepared for the wait as many online reviews had warned me of the lengthy wait time.

For those who has never been to The Boiling Crab, nor visited any other restaurants similar to this, here's a background info on what this restaurant is all about. At the beginning of every meal, a piece of paper is ripped out from a large paper roll and laid out to cover the entire table. This paper allows for a much easier cleaning process when the party is done their meal - seafood shells, messy napkins, smeared seafood sauce, and even unwanted leftovers are rolled and wrapped up in this paper and tossed into the garbage.

Majority of the seafood were priced by the pound, while many were based on market price.

Ahhh, the infamous bib!

Lemon Pepper Fries - These are HIGHLY recommended for several reasons. 1) You need some carbs to offset the amount of meaty seafood you are about to scarf down your throat, and 2) The seasoning of these fries was perfect (not too subtle to miss the taste nor too salty) and complimented the seafood sauce that we soaked the fries in.

Crawfish in The Whole Sha-Bang sauce with mild spice

Shrimp in Garlic Sauce

Before the messiness begins (must. take. picture)

Dungeness Crab in The Whole Sha-Bang Sauce

Are you ready? This is going to get graphic
You won't be able to unsee this

The aftermath.

Service: In terms of the casualness of this restaurant, I would say that the service was top-notch. Servers were running around cleaning tables, replenishing drinks, and delivering food in such a speed that was able to sufficiently answer to the never-ending wait at the front door.Tables were filled as quickly as they were emptied, and all of the servers seemed to enjoy the environment that they were working in.

Verdict: The wait was well worth. Something is just so satisfying about eating grub with your bare hands and not having a care in the world to wipe off the sauce that you accidentally left on your face. However, I must admit that near the end of my meal, I was getting quite tired of the nonstop peeling and crushing of shells. All the shell breaking must have worked off at least half of the calories that I was consuming during that very meal (a plus?). Nonetheless, I left this restaurant with a huge smile on my face, topped off with some garlic shrimp scent that was going to require a very long shower to get rid of.

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