Thursday, November 27, 2014

Diner Deluxe

The perks about having a random day off in the middle of the week is skipping the queue of popular brunch restaurants. This is exactly what happened today - I have never seen a brunch place this empty, but it worked out to my favour because I didn't have to wait in line, despite arriving just a bit past noon.

I absolutely love the decor of this place. It's so laid back and chill - this is the type of diner I feel like I can show up in my sweats, chow down a ginormous meal and leave without feeling judged. 

Top-Bottom: Steak Sandwich (with a side order of sausages) and #yycstampedebkfst

My friend, who had the steak sandwich, said the sandwich was really good but could have used more aioli. The potato wedges could have been softer, but the sausages were on point!

#YYCSTAMPEDEBKFST (A Calgary tradition - scrambled eggs, 2 mini pancakes, 2 pork sausages, 2 strips of bacon, and hash browns). For being such an indecisive person, this is my go-to-order at Diner Deluxe, simply because it has everything. I made sure to upgraded my hash browns to their Breakfast Poutine (Quebec cheese curds & basil hollandaise) as per usual despite never being able to finish this dish, because the breakfast poutine is just. that. darn. good.

What's breakfast without MORE ketchup??

P.S. it might be of interest to you to know that Diner Deluxe serves Phil and Sebastian coffee, because that's a bonus for me!

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