Saturday, November 8, 2014

Yum Yum Chicken & BBQ Korean Cuisine

I decided to order take out the other day because my aunt who is visiting from out of town wanted to try Calgary's take on Korean fried Chicken. I decided on trying a new place for fried chicken, Yum Yum Chicken.

I was debating on how much to order for five people, because in the past, I've shared a whole chicken with a friend, and ate everything without any remains. As well, I knew some members in my family have a larger than your average appetite. When I called, I asked the young girl how many people three whole chickens could feed, and she replied "It depends on how much the person eats, but there are about 36 pieces for three whole chicken".... That's nearly 7 pieces per person! So I chickened out and decided to go with two whole order, and was I glad I went with the two whole orders! We had leftovers enough to last for another full meal!

Half order of the Shallot Chicken

Half order of the Spicy Fried Chicken - spicier than it appears

Whole order of the Yum Yum Chicken. I typically prefer "dry" fried chicken over saucy ones, but this one was pretty good. The sauce didn't take away the crispiness of the chicken and the amount of sauce was just the right amount (not drenched, but also not lacking). 

The entire order came with four complimentary cup sized Pickled Radish, which paired extremely well with the savoury chicken

The approximate time that the chicken sat idle after being cooked was probably close to half an hour (after having arrived late for pick up and driving back home). By the time we got to eating the chicken, the temperature of the chicken was still warm enough that it didn't require reheating. We found a few dry pieces here and there, but not too much that it took away from our experience. Similar to Wow Chicken, I didn't feel greasy post meal.

I would definitely go back for the Spicy Fried Chicken. However, be warned, this fried chicken joint isn't that cheap for being considered fast food. I spent just under $50 for this order. It isn't KFC price, but then again, the quality definitely reigns over KFC. You get what you pay for!

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