Thursday, November 13, 2014

Shiki Menya

What better way to acknowledge the arrival of winter than by getting a fresh bowl of hot ramen. That was exactly what I did today on my day off. I was a little unsure if the cold weather would bring about a line full of ramen fanatics or if it would've helped ward off the crowd. Luckily, it wasn't crazy busy - we only waited outside for 5 minutes before we were seated (sorry, but unfortunately you cannot stand inside the little box found between Shiki Menya and Black Pig Bistro - fire hazard rules).

It is a small and modern looking ramen shop inside. This place gives off a hipster vibe and makes me feel like I'm in a hidden ramen shop found in New York.

Menu and Pricing

Goma Mazemen (tokyo negi, soft tamago, char siu, spring greens, dried chili, sesame peanut tare). I chose this bowl because the sesame peanut tare was the winning factor for me. What I didn't know was that this new school bowl did not have a soup base. I was quite disappointed when my noodles arrived. The liquid found at the bottom of the bowl felt more like a mixing sauce for the entire dish rather than soup. I wish this was mentioned in the menu somewhere. Albeit, it was delicious, but just not what I was looking for.

One thing I find about the ramen shops in Calgary is that it can be a hit or miss depending on what you order. For me, this is highly dependent on the taste of the broth. If you come, I highly suggest ordering the Tonkotsu Black as that stood out to me last time.

And a word of wisdom for those who are planning to pay Shiki Menya a visit - they only serve 150 bowls a day, so make sure you come early to ensure yourself a bowl. As well, they only accept cash and/or debit card! 

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